Day 3 - Arenal: Kayaking, Zip Line, La Fortuna Waterfall & Organic Farm

Sunday we were able to stay at the Tacotal which is an amazing hotel that offers beautiful views of the nearby volcano and individual hut-like rooms. This Sunday was not spent like any other ordinary Sunday, today stayed very busy by kayaking, zip lining, visiting an organic farm, and seeing a waterfall. Today was a day of many firsts for me including kayaking, zip lining, eating a purely organic pineapple, and swimming around a waterfall. Costa Rica is a country that allows tourists to see and experience things that most people never get to in their lifetime. Kayaking was so interesting because we had mountains and the volcano surrounding us. It is a fun activity and offers an amazing upper body workout. Even though kayaking is not a huge tourist attraction for Costa Rica, I would highly recommend it. Everything in Costa Rica is so green and lively once you are able to get out of the city. The organic farm was a unique experience because we don't have many in the U.S. and they had especially outgoing employees that made our experience really entertaining. At the farm they have 34 different crops and they literally don't waste one single thing made there. One organic farm doesn't make a huge difference on the environment, but in the past years it has grown to about 500 organic farms within Costa Rica, which actually can make a difference. I also had a conversation with Alonso about how to buy the best pineapple and he said you shouldn't be able to smell it because of a wax seal put over it when shipped, so if you can smell it then the seal has been broken. Also, the pineapple is a green fruit and is green when it's most ripe, so this is the best time to buy them. The waterfall we went to was amazing because we were actually able to swim right where the water was landing from its long fall in the air.
Brooke Bowie '12