Day 5 – Guanacaste: Rincon de la Vieja National Park

Today enjoy a hike though Rincon de la Vieja National Park. While here there can be seen three different types of forest, the dry forest, the tropical forest, and the cloud forest. Some other sights at this National Park include boiling water, boiling mud, charred rock thrown from eruptions at Arenal, and smoke.
Cathy Carmean '12

Day 1 - San Jose: INBioparque & Cafe` Brit

Start today with a tour of a coffee plantation at Cafe` Brit. Here the group will learn about the history of coffee in Costa Rica, how coffee affects the economy, and how to choose the best coffee. Cap of your tour with a stop through the gift shop which is filled with bags of coffee, chocolates, t-shirts, and many other decorative items and souvenirs. Next, take a short bus ride to IMBioparque. Here, enjoy a traditional lunch as pictured below. After lunch enjoy flora and fauna on the guided tour though the park.

Day 2 - San Jose/Arenal: Poas Volcano & Baldi Hot Springs

Today started with a delicious breakfast of fresh fruits, beans and rice, eggs, toast, and strawberry juice. Then there was a bus ride to Poas volcano where there was an educational speech given by the tour guide followed by a walk through the museum. From there follow the beautiful path through the rain forest to the top of the volcano to see the massive crater and the turquoise lake. Then travel back down the trail and back to the bus for the short ride to lunch. From there the bus will make an expensive trip, but it will all be worth it once you arrive at Baldi hot springs. Even in the rain these hot springs are something to be enjoyed. While there enjoy the great view of Arenal volcano, as well as the thirteen different all natural hot springs, the swim up bar, and even the buffet in the restaurant. From there retire to your lavish room at Tacotel hotel. Cathy Carmean '12

Day 5 Guanacaste Rincon De La Vieja National Park

The visit to Rincon De La Vieja National Park can be described with one word, amazing! The students chose to do an hour and forty five minute trail through the forest. The views were spectacular, there were views of the mountains all the way to mud bubbles. The temperatures ranged from 192 degrees to over 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The trails were rocky and windy and very fun to walk. An interesting fact about the park is that on this day, the park only had 3 rangers on duty, that's not much for over 30,000 acres of land that La Vieja makes up. Alonso, the EF tour guide, gave a very educational tour and told the group many facts. The students were able to stop frequently and snap many photos of the beautiful views, plant and animal life. After visiting La Vieja, the students were able to kick back and enjoy their last day in Costa Rica by enjoying time with their classmates by the pool. This study abroad trip has been an amazing experience and an opportunity everyone should take advantage of.  Monica Bettis '12

Day 5 – Guanacaste: Rincon de la Vieja National Park

Today, April 24th was full of adventures and relaxation.  It started off with a hike around a volcano.  There was some amazing boiling lava that was photographed by many students.  The boiling lava was the high point in the hike.  Later in the evening we traveled as a group to many souvenirs shops.  The day ended with cramming and packing suitcases to head home.
Sheena Flesner ‘12

Day 4 – Guanacaste: Beach

Today, April 23rd our day started off with a journey to Guanacaste.  The journey was filled with excitement such as American food was an option for lunch, taking pictures of animals, and stopping to buy souvenirs.  The photographs consisted of many different birds and monkeys.  Souvenir shops lined the roads with many great items to purchase and Papa Johns pizza has never tasted so good.  The day ended with a trip to the ocean.  The water was very calm and relaxing.  The sun set made for a beautiful group picture to top off the day.
Sheena Flesner ‘12

Day 3 – Arenal: Kayaking, Zip Line, Organic Farm & La Forutna Waterfall

Today, April 22 our group traveled to Arenal Lake to gain some experience in the kayaking field.  Rowing was awful TIRING but paid off in the end when our group was aloud to swim in the lake. 
After a great experience at the lake ZIPPLINING was the next destination.  There where 9 zip lines to travel across.  Safety gear was fitted to our body figure, rules where explained, and off they sent us.  Traveling at high speeds over trees, plants, and water streams makes for a great venture through the woods.
The organic farm felt like home.  Many plants filled the area, animals were under the shelter, and fish was in the pond.  The owner aloud many students to be active while on the tour of his farm.  I got to pull the root of a plant/tree out of the ground while others ate peppers, pineapple, sugar cane, and chips.  Eye opener is the way to explain that organic farm.
The water fall leaves a great image in your head, you feel like your dreaming.  After 800 steps to the bottom the cool clear water becomes a relaxing location.  When walking or swimming looking down is key due to many rocks and a few fish that make up the fall.  Only 800 steps up to the top are in your way of a nap after touring this water fall.
Sheena Flesner ‘12