Day 2 - San Jose/Arenal: Poas Volcano & Baldi Hot Springs

Today we got to see many beauties of Costa Rica by starting the day off at the Poas volcano, and ending it by relaxing at the Baldi Hot Springs. We have seen a lot of rice and beans as we expected on our plates accompanied with a meat of beef or chicken. Poas is one out of seven active volcanoes in the country. In total there are 88 volcanos in Costa Rica. Later in the evening we arrived at the hot springs and honestly it was nothing like I was expecting; however, it was extremely beautiful and somewhere I would love to go to again. We were able to talk to a manager of the Baldi for only a few minutes. I was not able to hear much of what he was saying because of the storm, but I did hear him say that they use Facebook and twitter for advertising and marketing, but mostly they supply the best services possible to make sure their visitors are happy. They especially depend on their past visitors being references to new customers. The hot springs are unique in the fact that they use 100% natural water from local ponds and the volcano. The scenes that we were able to see were absolutely incredible and looked as if they would be out of a magazine.
 Brooke Bowie '12