Day 2-San Jose/Arenal: Poas Volcano & Baldi Hot Springs

The central valley is one of many valleys in Costa Rica. The central valley is protected by surrounding mountain ranges. Therefore central valley locals do not have to worry about tsunamis or hurricanes. When moving towards the western valley towards the Poas Volcano the elevation increases dramatically. Roads become narrow and extremely close to the cliff side. Because charter buses are manual, like all cars in Costa Rica, they become jerky and loud when traveling uphill or downhill. The Poas volcano is know for its large crater. If the fog is dense tourists must wait for it to pass in order to see past the rail. A small tan squirrel is endemic to 3 mountain ranges and lives near the  Poas volcano. Besides the amazing volcanoes the hot springs at the Baldi Resort, located in the Arenal Region, will literally take your breath away . Tourists have the option of dipping into 25 different pools, all being different temperatures. Besides the temperature differences, the scenery and size changes depending on the pool. Luscious plants and exotic decor blanket the resort to create an exotic feel. 

Kallie Sinkus-Biology '12