Day 2 - San Jose/Arenal: Poas Volcano & Baldi Hot Springs

Saturday’s Excursions
Saturday brought much beauty. There were so many sites to see. It’s like nothing that can be seen in the Midwest. The day included a trip to the Poas Volcano, driving through the countryside, and going to the hot springs located at the Baldi Hotel.
The volcano was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It was monstrous and magnificent. I didn’t realize how massive it was until the view from the top. In the middle of the crater was a beautiful turquoise lake, whose diameter was about 900 feet across and 120 feet deep. The volcano was also releasing steam. It was a brilliant sight. It has erupted several times in the past couple of years. Our tour guide, Alonzo, went on to say that the volcano’s last eruption was last month. It spews debris most times and lava rarely. The volcano was not the only beautiful thing to see on this day.
On the way to the hot springs, there was a lovely drive through the countryside. The city life in San Jose looks completely different than this. There were less people and more cows. Greenhouses were everywhere you look. Strawberries were abundant. Many of the houses were larger and well maintained. There was also a lot less trash than San Jose. This drive led us to the Baldi Hotel.
The hot springs at the Baldi Hotel were like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It was the most beautiful sight. The manager gave us a small business presentation, but this was interrupted by a large storm. The storm was short-lived, but it was pretty powerful. Although the rain comes everyday, it stops as soon as it starts. The rain gave a coolness that balanced out the hot springs. These springs are so unique because they are completely natural. They are not heated by anything other than the volcano. The only thing that is not natural about them is that there are pumps that push the water to the hot springs. It was the ultimate paradise. After the rain, there was a rainbow with vibrant colors. After the sun went down, there was lightning that would show the silhouette of the volcano. The waterfalls throughout the area were very relaxing and were almost like massages. It was the best experience.

Katie JohnsonMartin, '12