Day 4 - Guanacaste: Beach

Monday's schedule was not as exciting as the other days. Its activities were not comparable to the other days. This was the transfer day. The drive was about 4 hours long. It was so much different than the midwest, so it was not a boring one. The scenery was different everywhere I looked. At first, it was a tropical rainforest. The farther we went, the more differences I noticed. It turned from lush greenery to more of a yellow landscape. The mountains were rolling in the distance and there were beautiful trees with yellow flowers all along the road. On the drive, there were howler monkey sightings and toucan sightings. The tour guide also spotted a white hawk. Along the way, there was a group of artists selling their pieces of art. The prices were very reasonable.
The long drive paid off. The beach was the next destination. Since we are so close to the equator, sunscreen was needed. It was pretty toasty. The activity of the afternoon was crab hunting. We were in hot pursuit of the crabs, but never actually caught one. This kept us busy for the rest of the afternoon. After this hunt was the opportunity to relax. The hotel offers comfort and it was nice to be able to relax and enjoy Costa Rica's beauty.

Katie JohnsonMartin, '12