Day 1 – San Jose – INBioparque & Café Brit

Today in San Jose, Costa Rica many activities took place.  The day started off with a tour of Britt, a coffee plant.  While on the tour they performed a skit that was amazing.  Not only did they perform a skit on how their plant, they educated our group on how to grow and harvest coffee.  It is a very clean plant with only success to achieve in the future. Before leaving the plant we got the opportunity to shop in the gift store. It was supplied with coffee, souvenirs, and friendly workers.  After Britt our group traveled to INBioparque, a national park.  It is full of deer, butterflies, snakes, spiders, and more.  We had the opportunity to meet with manager of the park and ask questions.  The park is a non for profit organization that has been around for 22 years.  They have tour guides that speak english.   They allow you to take pictures of their species for memories to last a life time. 
Sheena Flesner ‘12