Day 1 - San Jose: INBioparque & Cafe Britt - Ciara Johnson

The first day we spent in Costa Rica was amazing! We started our day with a traditional breakfast of eggs, rice and beans, and toast. After breakfast, we proceeded to a coffee plant called Cafe Britt. Here we were given the opportunity to tour the coffe plant and see its everyday operations. Our tour guides Mario and Luis made the experience fun but informative, giving the group a good grasp on the processes involved in the coffee business. After given a time period to taste their delicious coffee, we proceeded to INBioparque where we indulged in another Costa Rican meal of rice and beans, fish, fried zucchini, pasta, and carmelized plantains. Once lunch was over, we proceeded on a tour of the park during which we learned about a number of exotic animals. After the tour, we attended our first business talk. We were able to talk to the General Manager of INBioparque as she explained to us her methods of marketing expansion. I gained a wealth of interesting information from this presentation, as did those in my group because we were able to ask any question we could think of. All the fun had to end eventually and we headed back to our hotel where we were given the opportunity to explore our surroundings of downtown San Jose. As we toured all the different shops, we luckily escaped the rain receiving only a light sprinkle. I am excited for another day in Costa Rica and I can't wait to share all of the fun and excitement of the days coming with all of you! Adios!

Ciara Johnson '15