Day 1 - San Jose: INBioparque & Cafe Britt

In the great business world of Costa Rica we discovered InBioparque where they have a natural habitat for animals, plants, and other species to live. Not only a great place for locals to come enjoy the wildlife but also tourist to come experience the great aspects of the park too. Even though many of the visitors are locals, they advertise as well to the tourist by Facebook and Twitter. Another reason why many people come to the park is to take tours and even have specialized lectors to cater to the perference of the consumer. By having more tourists come enjoy this magnificant eco-friendly wildlife habitat it will open doors by building a stronger name for the park, more sponsors to reach quality performance of programs, and also to reach out to more social events. Why not come have your wedding or birthday at something that is an unforgettable experience?
Ashlie Turza '12