Day 3- Arenal: Kayaking, Zip Line, La Fortuna Waterfall & Organic Farm

Tacotal hotel located in the Arenal Region is a great place for adventurous tourists to stay. The hotel offers an amazing view of the Arenal volcano as well as two pools and comfortable cottages. Besides the amazing hot springs and volcanoes the Arenal Region has a beautiful lake, the Arenal Lake, that provides tourists with boat rides and kayaking. If kayaking does not fulfill a tourist's thrive for adventure zip-lining should be at the top of their list.   When zipping along different cables one will see unforgettable views and feel an adrenaline rush. Tourists might have the misconception that zip-lining is just dangling on the cable and free flying, but there are rules and guidelines in order for it to be safe, easy and fun. Traveling a short trip away tourists can explore an organic farm. This farm was originally designed for educating students and help kids learn in a more "out of the box" way. The gardens were constructed to be in geometric shapes, triangles are  one example. After being open for some time it was believed that the different shapes keep the birds away. Besides the educational aspect the farm is sustainably driven and is continuing to implement new innovative techniques. One technique that other farmers have borrowed is the compiling of manure which is then disposed of by burning of ethanol. Because the farm avoids pesticides and herbicides a plant is used to keep insects away. Bio intensive beds are used to grow the best products in an environmentally driven way. The fruits in Costa Rica and especially at this organic farm are some of the  best fruits tourists will ever have. Another amazing place to visit is the fortuna waterfall. The waterfall is an extraordinary sight! With the rushing water, small pools and rock beds were created, allowing tourists to climb around and swim. Make sure you watch your step on the walk down, stairs are steep! As for the walk up prepare to take a couple breaks, the view is worth the climb.

Kallie Sinkus Biology '12