Day 1- San Jose: INBioparque & Cafe Britt

Today San Jose was booming with many cars and people. There are many sites that make up San Jose. Coffee Britt was one of the nationally knowned places visited. There, people learn the coffee making process and the ways of the coffee plantation. Other than the beautiful landscaping, it was very interesting to learn the different techniques and hardwork that it takes to manufacture coffee in such a thriving industry. The tour guides kept everyone interested by their humor and their knowledge of the industry. The second stop today was INBioparque. There, students learned about the plant and wild life of Costa Rica during the education, but fun tours. Following the tours, students received an informational lecture on the management of INBioparque. Many interesting facts were learned and question and answers followed. INBio is a non profit company that has high hopes for expanding eventually. They have a team of researchers who continually strive to maintain and enhance biodiversity. 15% of their customers are International. With costs of upkeep and sponsors are very important to maintain and increase in order to maintain and/or expand. Today was very informational, the city of San Jose is a great place to travel and see many exciting things. Monica Bettis, Senior C-SC