Day Two- San Jose/Arenal: Poas Volcano & Baldi Hot Springs - Ciara Johnson

For our second day in Costa Rica, we visited the Arenal Region. The Arenal Region is an area with high volcanic activity, so we visited the Poas Volcano. We were able to view the volcano and learn a great deal about it. We viewed the volcano from above and were able to see the fumaroles smoking and the crater that housed the hot lagoon.  After the visit to the volcano, we attended a business talk with the marketing executive at the hotel Baldi Hotel and Spa. He informed us on all of the marketing operations of the hotel and of its successes. After the talk, we were allowed to enjoy the hot springs at the hotel. There were a number of hot springs for us to try out, all with temperatures above 100 degrees!  The Baldi hotel was beautiful, featuring a number of spas that were relaxing. I will definitely visit this hotel again, the experience was amazing!

Ciara Johnson '15