Day 3- Arenal: Kayaking, Zip Line, La Fortuna Waterfall & Organic Farm

Costs Rica is known for many farmlands but what many consumers are not aware of is the organic farmland. Today on our journey we went to an organic farmland. They have enough crops to feed 40 people a day, 3 times a day.  They have been open for 9 years and take pride in being 100% organic.  We were able to experience the wonderful organic fruit such as pineapple. Once a person has a bite of the juicy and sweet pineapple that is 30% sweeter than the regular pineapple, their is no comparison.  We also experienced their process of the way the farmers do things.  At the end we drank an organic sugar cane with a shot of something special. To find out the special shot was come to Don Juan educational farm (Finca educativa don juan),the experience is unforgettable.
Ashlie Turza '12