Day 2- San Jose/ Arenal: Poas Volcano & Baldi Hot Springs

Today was a day full of adventures. Leaving the city of San Jose was bitter sweet but the first stop to the Poas volcano quickly changed attitudes. The group received interesting background about the volcano and got an amazing tour of the volcano. At first, when the group arrived, the volcano was not visible due to fog. Shortly after, the fog drifted and the group of students got amazing photos of the craters and other plant life. After leaving the volcano, the group then took a 4 hour bus ride to the Arenal Region where they saw everything from hilltops full of greeneries to cows and livestock on flat land. The views seen were unlike any views. Beautiful trees and flowers were all along the roadside. The Hot Springs was the next destination where the students got to enjoy two hours in relaxation. First, the group got a background on the Baldi Hotel hotel where the hot springs were located. 80% of their visitors are from the United States and they take extreme pride in their attraction. Baldi is most proud of their fresh water that comes straight from the volcano. They had 25 pools ranging all the way up to 160 degrees that were surrounded by volcanic views and amazing plant life. So far, the trip to Costa Rica has been amazing, exciting, and adventurous. Monica Bettis, senior C-SC